How It Works

Increase Revenue

With VORX SMS, you spend less time and save money managing hundreds of students. This helps you focus more on building your RTO business and empowering staffs to increase profitability. Additionally, you can manage workflows and systems for greater efficiency. Cost is further reduced in Service and administrative departments with no impact on quality of work. This will increase a range of your revenue across administration and other system users including students, trainers and compliance by at least 25%.

Decrease Costs

There is no hidden costs or upfront fees for Registered Training Organisations. VORX SMS frees up your IT infrastructure, enables staff and trainers to work efficiently. Every Employee is responsible to manage their own work deadlines and KPI’s. There is no need to Micromanage Staff, VORX SMS will do it all for you.

Manage Risk

VORX SMS focuses on data quality and RTO compliance. The quality of your data is critical to your business, you can simplify the regulatory management of your organisation and create processes that can save your time and freedom to work more efficiently.

About Us

Welcome to VORX your RTO Management System

An Innovative Cloud Technology with real time information all in one place.

VORX is designed for all RTO needs from Student Management system to Learners Management system. Its innovative technology in integration makes the RTO process systematic, providing a wider perspective that brings the best system as possible to focus on the growth of your business. Our technology simplifies the complexities and risks in administrating your trainings and compliance.

We have envisioned the evolution of digital business this will empower labour workforce to be technically interactive, adaptive and intelligently automatic in a click, hence it fast tracks business process in a precise system. Whilst, secures and organizes data collection in preventing risks of data loss or corrupted data that can cause inefficient reports and project delays.

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