Vorx CRM helps in managing the workloads of the workforce. Vorx has the feature to control users' roles and the scope of access for its featured application. This helps in securing and organizing the workflow process and avoiding unauthorized access.

Vorx has developed a set of security feature that allows a user to authorize the information and features to a certain user. The main administrator controls such security and authorization options according to the organizational roles of users set by the organizations.


Vorx CRM offers this trait on the system which allows the administrator to limit the access of workers according to their job description and boundaries and can choose what feature each worker would be able to use and access. This feature allows a clear view of what each staff should be working without interrupting or crossing over other worker’s task and activity.


Vorx CRM offers a feature that helps its user to pin set of tasks to one's own calendar and to others. This channel helps in making the designation and communication of tasks easier by permitting each worker to be updated on what is everyone’s been working and how it is progressing since the taskboards can be changed according to the status of the tasks. Thus, this ensures that no work will be left behind and beats your deadline.


This feature administers automated pop-up notifications that alert workers for important workloads to be finished, necessary announcements to be look on to such as meetings, overtimes and even events for celebrating milestones. This feature will help workers to know their priorities for effective performances and sequencing of tasks. Vorx CRM users are also entitled to postponed or dismiss a certain pop-up reminder.


VORX CRM has designed a trait that allows both administrators and workers to manage and monitor leads and its sales conversions. This feature helps in easily identifying the students’ status through the standing columns and gives forecast based from the leads data that will direct to the progress and effectivity of one’s business marketing.


In order to specifically look onto the points of a plausible marketing, Vorx offers a dashboard where one can see columns of lead counts that define the aggregate number of prospects and sales conversion that automatically creates a summary report of students enrolled within a specific time frame. Further, Vorx reporting tools allow you to cite and present data in graphs, tables, and charts to find useful information