The flow of information inside and outside the organisation is crucial. Thus, data management is one of the fundamental necessities of a certain business to properly satisfy workers and customers. Mismanagement of important data and documents can cause risks that may dissatisfy clients and interrupt work process.

Let VORX keep and manage your data!

In Vorx, data transferring is easy, add the assistance of the Vorx team in importing your business' vital data ensuring the stability and value of you RTO's information.

Vorx contains auto-mated wizards that ensure fast, accurate and efficient data migration. As an example, importing clean data from your NAT or VET FEE-HELP files can be finished within less than an hour. It is already fully validated and an exception report is also generated.

For businesses with complex work structure, we provide templates and guides of the process for you to populate them. You can choose from free basic standard or custom data migration. In order to learn more, send an enquiry or see pricing.