About VORX

We have one goal, and that’s to help Registered Training Organisations and other Higher Educational Institutions to have innovative Student Management. We do this by designing, developing and implement technology and to bring people together to provide solutions for your business.
We’ve extended our competences through all sectors of education. With our development of cloud mobility, advanced reporting, compliance and data analytics, we’re constantly pushing the limitations.
Our outstanding people are the reasons behind: project managers, developers and test staff that give much effort and time to guarantee a system that is ready for go-live. Also, provides expert consulting, sales, integration and support services in submitting their reports by end-of-month, test and retest the latest releases looking for defects and usability subjects and managing change until satisfactory results are reached for our clients.

What they say about us

  • The Elite Training Institute, with VORX we have been able to process our enrolments faster through seamless uploads, reducing the need for manual data entry.

    This student management system really helps us, as were looking for something that is user-friendly, which was logical and that would allow us to improve our business processes and increase efficiency.

  • We have been very happy with how Vorx has met our business and operational needs. The support team is fabulous and we admire the knowledge and intelligence of the people behind Vorx in personalizing it for the client needs.

  • The Kensington Institute of Australia has been working with Vorx system over few months already. We get to know the system in the support and very helpful that we can able to use a lot of agents to sign up students and particularly like the commission tracking functionality. It really helps us achieve our business objectives and outcomes.

  • As a rapidly growing RTO, Community Education Australia has reduced a lot of manual administration work, saved hours of time, and has been very helpful in automating our business processes. The more we learn about Vorx, the more we get out of the system and the more efficient we get managing our students. The simple rule is get your staff to use it every day.